10 web development projects for 2021

To create a website, you need to decide on its theme. The design, the content, the domain name will depend on it. The most important thing about web development projects is the possibility of monetization, earnings.

You can make money through the site if there is a product, service, or content. In the first case, you have to create an online store; in the second — a web service; in the third — a traffic site.

We bring you the 10 best web development ideas for monetization in 2021.

Wellness websites

The workplace health industry is at its peak right now. According to the Global Wellness Institute, it will be worth $ 66 billion by 2022. Do you want a piece of this pie?

Self-help and self-development sites offer users a ton of positive and inspirational content that simply aims to improve their personal or professional life. Nice concept.

You can also monetize your site. While it is recommended to keep some of the content free, you should also consider paid self-development courses to attract visitors.

The style of your website about self-development is up to you. It can be a blog format with daily motivational posts or simple life hack lists.

Motivate yourself before starting a website by reading sites like Lifehacker or The Positivity Blog. Find out how you can help others succeed.

Goal-setting sites

Like platforms for self-development and self-help, goal-setting sites help people grow on their own.

Such website development ideas for making money are promising in 2021. You will help users manage personal development using a website for setting goals. You help them create lists, charts, and general organizational tools. They can set reminders for end-of-day or end-of-year achievements.

You can offer features like color coding and categorization. People can share their lists with colleagues or family members if they are so organized.

A goal-setting site needs someone with little technical experience and needs to be optimized for mobile devices or turned into an app to thrive.

Profit by developing unlockable features or subscriber content such as weekly motivational newsletters, file sharing, and software syncing.

There are already some excellent goal-setting sites on the Internet, so take a look at places like Lifetick or Remember The Milk and find your compelling style.

Handicraft website

The arts and crafts industry should not be underestimated. It is projected to be worth about $ 50 billion by 2024. It is one of those website ideas that shouldn’t be overlooked.

The recent resurgence of homemade goods has brought handicrafts into the mainstream. It’s a great way to pass the time without looking at your phone.

It can also help many people earn money on the side, as sites like Etsy provide a platform for sellers of unique handcrafted items.

But it’s not just about production and sales. You can create a website dedicated to teaching other people how to make themselves, where people can share tips in your specific niche.

With a how-to site, you have an excellent opportunity to build a network of wizards. You can monetize it in a variety of ways, such as through ads and affiliate links.

You can sell materials for your products and make money from them. Visit Not Martha and BuildEazy to find your lucrative website ideas.

Affiliate blog site

Such simple ideas for creating websites are available to any ambitious person. Affiliate blogging will be relevant for many years to come. Since the requirements for donor sites are only growing, SEO specialists are forced to pay for high-quality links.

On the affiliate blogging site, you will publish targeted content. The idea is to drive traffic from your platform to the website of the seller of the product or service you are promoting.

If users who clicked on your affiliate links make a purchase, you receive a portion of the sales profit.

Let’s say someone is looking for new tennis shoes on the internet. They find your blog post on “The 10 Best Tennis Shoes of 2021” and click on the affiliate link to purchase the top-rated pair of shoes.

They buy shoes, and you get some of the money from buying them. Not bad? However, this type of internet marketing takes some effort.

Affiliate blogging is a competitive industry, so make sure you find your niche — pick a product or service that you know or just love.

Schedule your blog posts regularly, and you can scale this business as much as you want. Visit the Affiliate Marketing Blog and ShoeMoney for ideas.

Travel website

Making money traveling around the world for pleasure is everyone’s dream, right? It can become your reality if you put in some effort.

If you are a frequent traveler, know how to inspire photography, tell exciting stories, create a travel blog site, and share your adventures with the world.

You can build your community of explorers who will follow your travels and listen to tips, tricks and browse your growing photo album.

With loyal followers, you will start making money from your blog.

Contact travel agencies or local businesses to make the most of your trip. Offer additional promotions for related products, such as suitcases or hiking shoes.

You can even set up a subscription service for your most loyal users with a platform like Patreon. Add videos and maximize your subscribers.

As with any business, make sure you are active on social media. Regular Instagram updates will keep your readers engaged and engaged in your travels.

Sites like Cookiesound and KaraandNate will give you some ideas on how you can succeed in the travel blogging industry.

Forum website

We’ve all witnessed occasional Twitter controversies or Facebook confrontations. But you can also find thriving online communities of strangers that have something in common.

Forum sites come in all shapes and sizes so that this site idea can turn into something personalized.

Forums are discussing specific TV shows, residential areas, industry niches, and even general gossip. Conversations can take place on the forum site for several days, weeks, or months.

You can add a forum to your existing site to build a community of users and get helpful information for future internet marketing campaigns.

Or create a standalone site and see where it takes you.

You can learn more about all the stages of creating a forum website in our article “How to create a forum website?”.

Statistics sites

Copywriters love reliable statistics sites. Embedding cold facts into your online content makes it more exciting and trustworthy.

Did you know, for example, that the top-ranked articles on Google have an average of 2,416 words?

Also, some people believe that about 80% of the statistics are false. So how do you build a profitable business with this website idea?

First, you need to check the facts. By making sure your facts and figures are accurate, you can keep more users on your site.

Choose an industry or market that you understand or are particularly interested in. For example, marketers like to add statistics to articles on topics such as retail.

You can add dates under your stats — provide old data for free to drive traffic, then post the latest data for paid access to industry professionals.

There are tons of resources to find inspiration from, from tiny blogs to giant multi-disciplinary sites like Statista.

Online store

It is predicted that 65% of Internet users will shop online this year. So if you are a budding retailer, make sure you have an eCommerce store.

Online shopping is not only cost-effective, but it can also help you reach a broad audience regardless of your geographic location — two benefits that physical stores lack.

You can even start a dropshipping business and generate income without having to store goods and manage shipments.

The online store will need to be designed, programmed, and published. Or, if you want to speed up the process and cost you less money, you can use an eCommerce website builder. We talk in detail about creating an eCommerce site in the article “How to create a marketplace?”.

You shouldn’t have a shortage of website ideas — there are so many online stores out there. Visit aarke.com if you love elegant design when building your website. Or do what a lot of people do and head over to amazon.com for eCommerce best practices.

Culinary blog

Everyone loves homemade food. Sometimes it can be gratifying to get some inspiration from someone else.

It is where food blogs and recipe sites come in. This website idea is perfect for those who often find they want something special for dinner.

If you are always coming up with new dishes or consider yourself an expert in a particular cuisine, you can make extra money by sharing your recipe ideas online.

For greater efficiency, install a plugin on your site and optimize your SEO recipes. Once you get traffic to your site, monetize it by selling ad space.

Some recipe sites are communities where everyone can share their best recipe ideas. You can add ratings and reviews to optimize your content.

If you want to keep it personal, you can sell e-books of your unique recipes through the site and start developing your brand on your food blog like a professional chef.

Resale hosting site

If you are looking for an opportunity to earn some money, this website idea will appeal to you. Resale web hosting sites require little investment and are relatively easy to manage.

You will be renting server space and reselling it to other business owners, repackaging it into your web hosting plans.

It is a great business proposition for web developers or designers looking to make a living building website.

You can also join affiliate programs of large hosting companies and then promote their services on your website.

With them, you will receive a commission every time a visitor clicks on your referral link and completes the task required by the program.

You can find ideas for resale hosting website at Namecheap, GreenGeeks, and other hosting resellers. Become a partner of one of them and promote your services to monetize your traffic

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