How to develop a personal shopping assistant app?

How to build a shopping assistant app?

The world does not stand still and retail is also developing, following new trends. The popularity of personal shopping assistants is gaining momentum and is already going online, helping retailers to earn money. Shopping apps are especially attractive to younger consumers — Gen Z, followed by the older generation. This applies primarily to the use of smartphones, social networks, and, of course, direct purchases in stores. Already, it seems lazy just did not write about such trends in retail as omnichannel, seamless integration of offline, online, and mobile systems.

We will tell you how to create a popular shopping assistant application for startups, based on 3 retail trends: expert opinion; an application that is always at hand; and quick feedback, which is important in the modern world of digital technologies.

How to develop a personal shopping assistant app?

Most important features of Shopping Assistants app

The popularity of shopping assistant apps is only gaining popularity. Therefore, there is tremendous scope for innovative solutions and unique features. However, we will tell you about the main functions without a personal shopping assistant application can’t do.

Functions that a shopping assistant app can perform just by using a of algorithms

Compare prices and find the best deal

A personal shopping assistant app should help users find the right product, offer price and performance comparisons, and choose the best deal based on the user’s needs and previous shopping experience. To collect data about products across stores, you can use open-source data or partner with brands to provide you with the data you need.


The good personal assistant app offers its users the best coupons for the store they shop from before placing an order. Also, you can offer coupons to promote certain products or brands based on your users’ preferences and history.

Purchase history

A shopping assistant application can enable users to view past purchases, their content, prices, and coupons for purchased items. Some may even help plan new purchases or repeat an old one.

Package tracking

Any retail application is obliged to show the order status at every stage, as well as inform users in a way convenient for them, for example, using push notifications or SMS.

Natural language processing

Natural language processing allows you to communicate with an AI agent as if it were a real person. A modern personal assistant application must recognize human language and even understand colloquial slang. Based on user requests, a personal shopper provides relevant results and can even give an evaluative opinion on the choice of a particular product. An excellent example is Siri, which has become an indispensable assistant for most iPhone owners.

Image recognition

Image recognition is an alternative to text search. This will be especially true for fashion retail and interior goods. The user uploads a photo with the desired item, and the application recognizes all the elements in the photo and finds this product or a similar one.

Personalized recommendations

Personalized recommendations are also based on machine learning. Let’s say you’re buying yourself a new pair of jeans, the app might recommend the sweaters and sneakers that suit best with your new pair of jeans. The peculiarity of machine learning is that the more you use the personal shopping assistant app for purchases, the more accurately you will receive recommendations depending on your clothing style and previous purchases. Brands will love this feature as they will be able to offer products to their customers knowing exactly who they might like.

Price prediction

The price prediction algorithm will become a competitive advantage of your shopping assistant app. This feature will let you know when prices have gone up or down to help you get the best deal. You will receive a notification if the price of an item you are interested in will be reduced anytime soon, so you can wait a bit to save on your purchase.

As you already understood, the process of building a personal shopping assistant app is very time consuming and requires expertise. Therefore, the best solution is to entrust it to professionals. Do you have an idea for a personal assistant app? Write to us and we will offer you a solution that feet your needs.

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